RioThmb_01    RioThmb_02    RioThmb_03    RioThmb_04    RioThmb_05    RioThmb_06

Villain character designed for animated short. Paintings done in Photoshop. Base model built in Maya and refined in Zbrush.


CaptThmb1    CaptThmb2    CaptOrthoThmb    HeadOrthoThmb    ExpressionThmb    CaptTexThmb    

CaptThmb2    CaptThmb2    CaptThmb2    CaptThmb2    CaptThmb2    CaptTurnThmb    CaptSubThmb

Submarine Captain Character, designed and created with pencil and Photoshop.  3D model created and animated in Maya.


WildThmb1    WildThmb2    WildThmb3    WildThmb4    WildThmb5    WildThmb6    WildThmb7    

WildThmb8    WildThmb9    WildThmb10    WildThmb11    WildThmb12    WildThmb13    WildThmb14 

Character Design work done for the Disney animated feature "The Wild".  All designs created with pencil and photoshop.

Click the link below to see more design work from "The Wild":



 NuttyThmb1    NuttyThmb2    NuttyThmb3    NuttyThmb4    NuttyThmb5   

Canine Nutty Professor Character. Design was created in pencil and Photoshop. 3D nurbs model created in Maya


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